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Yoga in your front room – Class 5

Relaxing Practice

Esther Ekhart yoga relaxing practice

This is the fifth and final class in this series of Yoga in your Front Room yoga classes for beginners.

The final class is Relaxing Practice.

Relaxation, or savasana, is a very important part of yoga practice.  This is a great class if you are feeling stressed or you just feel the need to unwind after a hard day.

To really get the best from this class, try doing the breathing exercise given in our article on Pre Surgery Yoga before you start the class. The exercise is for everyone, not just for those preparing for surgery!

So get ready for some relaxing yoga and enjoy…

We hope you enjoyed these classes and take the time in your day to do a little yoga at home. Esther will be back on Starbrydge soon with some more yoga tips, techniques and classes.

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