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Web M&M – Morbidity and Mortality Rounds on the Web

Morbidity and Mortality

They say:

The AHRQ WebM&M site is anonymous and as such creates a safe environment where medical errors can be discussed and assessed. Cases are reviewed and discussed by expert panels and best practice solutions put forward to prevent such errors from recurring.

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 We say:

Produced for the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality by a team of editors at the University of California, San Francisco with guidance from a prominent Editorial Board and Advisory Panel, the AHRQ WebM&M site is a great resource for medical professionals to use to look at issues that might be of concern.

It’s well laid out with regular up to date case study examples of situations that go wrong – whether through medical error or situational incidents that happen through lapses in health and safety practice or simply are unforeseen but point to a need of change in procedure when they do arise.

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Source: Surgeon-reported conflict with intensivists about postoperative goals of care. Paul Olson TJ, Brasel KJ, Redmann AJ, Alexander GC, Schwarze ML. JAMA Surg. 2013;148:29-35

They have a lot of interactive features and a simple but effective  Did you Know section that takes studies and presents the data in an info graphic with a link back to each paper.

They also invite cases that highlight medical errors or other patient safety/quality issues and all information is submitted anonymously.

Well worth a read…

Web M&M – Morbidity and Mortality Rounds on the Web



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