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#Tao: Miracles and my Father

by Terri Kang (Sun Gwang)

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My dear father had lived a very stressful life, and carried a lot of stress and resentments. He was embroiled in the troubles and resentments of his past to the point that he couldn’t live his present life.

The problems of the past came into his present in the form of diabetes, heart problems with a pacemaker, and just lately a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

He started medication at the end of 2013 that caused schizophrenia. depression, hypoglycemia, etc.  I went to be with my father April, 2014, for one month to try to help him, but nothing worked. I left him and felt great anger and despair.

I took this despair into my morning meditation, and called unconsciously for the Life Particle Energy for help. The next moment, I felt my father’s True Self. And I felt the past, present, and future, and my own True Self.

I saw that my father got hurt by me. I had teardrops of repentance. Then I felt great gratitude for my father. I told him he could become a hope for everyone by becoming mindful and healthy. I felt as though my father were right next to me.

Just after this meditation episode, I found out that he had decided to reduce his medication, and to walk on his own. He started to practice walking every day. He can now walk all on his own, and his mind is much more present.

I believe in miracles, and I also know it’s only the beginning! Life Particle Energy is with us only when we are earnest and  mindful. Therefore, I will strive to change my own energy and habits to utilize this beautiful Energy.

My father’s condition has changed dramatically through Life Particle Energy, but his old attitudes and thinking habits need more time to change. My relationship with my father is greatly improved through this life-changing energy, though the stubborn attitude I still hold towards my father needs a bit more work!

To me, it appears that the key practice toward this transformation is “Tao”.


About Terry

Terri Kang

Terri Kang has been teaching yoga and meditation to kids and teens between 5 and 17 at the Brain Education in Korea for four years. She developed various programs to help students improve their body, mind, and brain power and implemented this program to help them improve their school grades, social relationships, leadership, and English Language skills.

She’s been working at Tao Healing Center as a Tao Teacher since November, 2011. She’s taught Tao yoga, meditation, and delivered Tao Principles to a wide range of people. Her passion is finding a solution for Parkinson’s Disease since her father was diagnosed with Parkinson.  She will be soon teaching brain exercises at the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Centre in Phoenix, AZ.

About Tao Healing

taoLogoThe Tao Healing Center provides training and education for holistic health and personal development through classes, workshops, and personal coaching. All of the teachings at Tao Healing Center are based on the ancient wisdom principles of Tao, which has been benefiting countless people for thousands of years.

At the Tao Healing Center, we educate people about the principles of Tao. We help you to awaken your ability to heal yourself and create healthy and happy relationships and a balanced lifestyle by cultivating your inner power and wisdom.

In order to reach a broader audience and to meet the increasing needs from the public for guidance on balanced living, we are currently expanding its operations to local communities and providing free classes to disabled veterans, seniors, and students.



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