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#Tao: What is Life Particle Energy?

by Terri Kang (Sun Gwang) 

 life particle energy

“Life Particle Energy”  was introduced by my Grand Master Teacher, Il Chi.

Terri Kang

Terri Kang

His experiences were arcane and miraculous. Laying down for 21 days, he neither ate nor slept on his solitary mountain. After this 21 days of asceticism, he attained an amazing experience with what he calls the Life Particle Energy.

All the toxic and stagnant energy left his body, and all that was left was an amazing, undefinable energy that one has to experience to understand. It’s much like eating an apple, if you’ve never eaten before, how would you understand someone else’ experience with the apple?

Then he heard words come into his brain from Universe, saying, “Cosmic mind is my mind. My mind is cosmic mind. Cosmic energy is my energy. My energy is Cosmic energy”.  Il Chi worked for 30 years explaining this to people, applying it to help them with their mind/body connection, and finally felt it could be best understood by calling it “Life Particle Energy”.

When I was seeking answers for my life-long questions, I also experienced the Life Particle Energy, not through  a 21 day sleepless mountain fast, but through ten years of asceticism. I had been living a very scattered and ego-centric life since stopping meditation in 1993, and decided to start meditation again using Il Chi’s method. Because of the troubled life I’d been living, I concentrated on going all-out for enlightenment. Meditation was a great relief, and felt like a deeper level of prayer to me. During this time, I met the Life Particle energy five different and distinct times.

My First Meeting with Life Particle Energy.

I had always held some kind of guilty feeling toward my son, but these feelings and many others were soon to be relieved. One day, after vigorously tapping my body and starting Ji Gam (the stopping of the five senses) during the meditation class, an energy came over me that caused my arms to lift up high, and my heart chakra to open wide.

Tears burst from my eyes, and I felt deep repentance. All the guilt was swept away, and I was filled with complete joy and happiness. I knew inside that it was the Life Particle energy, and allowed myself to become one with it, and one with the universe.

Finding True Self.

Though I attended class and meditated every day, the Life Particle energy experiences were not clear or consistent. The more I practiced, the more I craved this energy. So I decided to attend the Finding  True Self workshop, with hundreds of people together.

Because of the concerted efforts of so many people at once, the energy was intense. Being naturally scattered, I had a hard time concentrating, and was suffering from countless and endless thoughts. Because of this, I poured myself  100 percent into the workshop, even holding the extremely painful Eagle posture for an hour while I focused inside my body.

All of a sudden, all the pain was relieved, and a warm, cotton-like energy came over me and cuddled me. I heard an Inner Voice  say, “Don’t feel lonely, I am with you.” It was such a sweet, caring, healing energy, I still remember the feeling of it.

Through this experience with Life Particle energy, all the blockages in my body left, and I was able to meet my Soul.

Ceremony for a Deceased Ancestor With My Mentor, Full Moon

Full Moon, my mentor, was officiator for the Ceremony for Deceased Ancestors. Her strong, focused energy made all the participants go beyond the five senses, and opened us up into the sixth sense. I was able thus to feel the Life Particle energy, and also the deceased ancestors’ energies. The ancestors were just like us, but without a body. I heard the message they were sending me : “Keep going on the the quest of truth with Life Particle. Heaven, earth, human, everyone knows this is truth.” I saw the light, heard the sound, and felt the vibration of this Life Particle energy in my body.  Information received in the body is hard to forget, I remember every moment as a fresh picture.

Poong Ryu Tao

Poong Ryu Tao is a musical meditation descended from ancient Korean history. Hyun Wook Shin created an New Age musical meditation utilizing a small gong, a big gong, a double-headed drum, and regular drum. He played these instruments to us continuously for four to five hours.

The participants’ job was to keep moving into the inner self with the rhythm of the music, like diving into layers of the ocean. At the beginning for me it was very difficult, and scattered. All kind of thought were stirred up even worse than before, but as I let go of those things that were keeping me from quieting myself to reach the inner self, I became one with the music.

I felt blockages opening up, and, at last, felt myself becoming one with the Life Particle energy. Time stopped. All at once, all the 20 or so participants stood up with closed eyes, and walked around without bumping into each other.

Finally, I heard the voice of my teacher, Il Chi, say “Heal the world with me”.

Below is an exuberant example of a Poong Ryu youth group!

The Bell Rock Experience

bell rock sedona

After teaching at a summer camp for teens in New York the summer of 2008, my energy was completely exhausted. I arrived back to Arizona with a swollen and numbed body. I spent most of a month in bed. My good friend in Korea was worried about me and advised me to go to Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ.

I went and climbed this rock mountain, putting extra effort into it. As soon as I reach the top, I heavy headache hit me. I shook and shook my head, and finally the headache went away, replaced by a feeling of nausea in my chest. I tapped and tapped it, and it went away, replaced by a stomach ache. I moved my insides around and around, up and down, and sideways, and finally my intestines started moving, and my whole body felt as light as a feather.

I could breathe deeper, and a strong energy began to come over me. This Life Particle energy entered my body, and tears fell endlessly from my eyes from gratitude.

When I talk about Life Particle energy, I say I meet LP, or LP enters the body. or LP touches me, or LP moves me, or LP opens me…many different expressions. LP is beyond words. It can also be love, joy, gratitude, peace, and happiness. I’ve realized that we are the empty bowl to receive and to put LP in.Tao is the ultimate way to meet this Godly energy and live with it. Through this amazing Life Particle energy, we meet our own True Self, can heal each other beyond time and space, and finally be Set Free.

This is a poem by Il Chi describing the Life Particle energy

Life Particle brings body health

brings mind peace

Life Particle removes loneliness and sadness

Life Particle brings us pure mind and confidence.

Life Particle fills you with love in the emptiness of your heart.

Life Particle gives a power to forgive your enemy

Life Particle has no fear.

Life Particle has no victim consciousness, no selfishness,

and no arrogance.

Life Particle changes us to become a diligent,

responsible, and honest person.

Life Particle purifies the spirit and nurtures the soul.



About Terri

Terri Kang has been teaching yoga and meditation to kids and teens between 5 and 17 at the Brain Education in Korea for four years. She developed various programs to help students improve their body, mind, and brain power and implemented this program to help them improve their school grades, social relationships, leadership, and English Language skills.

She’s been working at Tao Healing Center as a Tao Teacher since November, 2011. She’s taught Tao yoga, meditation, and delivered Tao Principles to a wide range of people. Her passion is finding a solution for Parkinson’s Disease since her father was diagnosed with Parkinson.  She will be soon teaching brain exercises at the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Centre in Phoenix, AZ.

About Tao Healing

taoLogoThe Tao Healing Center provides training and education for holistic health and personal development through classes, workshops, and personal coaching. All of the teachings at Tao Healing Center are based on the ancient wisdom principles of Tao, which has been benefiting countless people for thousands of years.

At the Tao Healing Center, we educate people about the principles of Tao. We help you to awaken your ability to heal yourself and create healthy and happy relationships and a balanced lifestyle by cultivating your inner power and wisdom.

In order to reach a broader audience and to meet the increasing needs from the public for guidance on balanced living, we are currently expanding its operations to local communities and providing free classes to disabled veterans, seniors, and students.












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