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#Tao: 100 days of devotion

by Terri Kang (Sun Gwang) 

100days devotion meditaton

The miracle of 100 days of devotion 

Terri Kang

Terri Kang

In the Korean culture, 100 days symbolizes sincerity. It is the time period of formation of habit for the human subconsciousness. It is also the minimum investment time to change ourselves.

100 days also symbolizes maturity and completion. In the human body, our cells continuously die and revive. It takes 100 days to change all the cells once. Our ancestors already knew the meaning of 100 days.

To invest 100 days is to change a habit that has been embedded a long time in our body.

If you visit Korea, you will see a surprisingly fancy party on a baby’s 100th day after birth. In my case, I saw miracles happen to my mother, my son and my daughter after 100 days of devotion.

Treating a Chronic Sinusitis after my mom’s 100 days of devotion

My mother had experienced chronic sinusitis for three years in Korea. In 1984, one year after our family immigrated to the US, her doctor told her that she needed immediate surgery or she would develop further serious problems. She had heavy headaches every day and couldn’t breathe very well. Despite of all her symptoms and pains, she refused surgery because she didn’t have insurance. She asked my father to help. He had studied alternative medicine in Korea, and he told her to take vinegar, lemon, and honey mixture 3 times a day.

I remember my mom carrying a 1.5 Liter 7 Up bottle filled up with lemon, honey, and vinegar, and dividing them to 3 portions which she drank three times a day. She didn’t skip a day and she did it continuously for 100 days. After 100 days had been reached, my aunt took her to the Revival Assembly at her church. My mom said she cried a lot at the Assembly. After that, every day for over a month, literally about 8 oz cup of red, green, and yellow puss poured out from my mother’s nose. Then it stopped and she had no further problem with Sinusitis!

 My son’s change after 100 days of my devotion

My son, at the age of 7, was diagnosed with sinusitis and always seem very irritated by the symptoms. I took him to the  acupuncturist, aroma therapist, alternative doctors, and western doctors and between them all, I could not make up my mind what to do for my son. To calm my mind, I started morning meditation and I sincerely put my heart into it.

I practiced morning meditation at 4 am every day. Sometimes I felt too tired to wake up early in the morning; sometimes it was too cold to drive to the meditation center, and sometimes, we had family events in which I had to participate. I dropped everything except morning meditation. I intuitively knew I should not stop once I had started for 100 days to see myself changed. My inner self was desperately seeking help for me and my son. I was also writing down all the changes I was going through physically and mentally during that 100 days time frame.

It was very difficult for 21 days but after 21 days it became easier and easier every day and finally very enjoyable. After 49 days I, myself experienced my nose was completely blocked and I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all. I had to force breathing through my mouth. It lasted like that for 30 days. After 80 days of morning meditation, I felt my brain and nose were completely open and my whole body was so light as a feather. I began to notice that my son looked calmer, and more happy. After 100 days, I noticed his sinusitis was disappearing like regular cold. 100 days of devotion and my heart was filled up with gratitude to Heaven.

My daughter’s change in 100 days of home made lunch box

When my daughter was in elementary school, I had no idea how to pack a school lunch! One day I packed sushi for her lunch and she was so embarrassed. After that I never packed lunch for her and she had only school lunch for 6 years.

Around the time she was graduating, I noticed that her taste buds seemed totally changed and she craved a lot of processed food, high calorie fast food, and sweets. I spotted the signs of unhealthy health patterns developing from this diet and knew I had to resolve it.

I decided to use the 100 days approach! When she started Jr. High School, I decided to pack a healthy lunch for her each day.  Most of time I packed spouted brown rice, veggies, fruits, seaweed wrap, and sandwiches with multi grain bread. For 100 days, I had to struggle with her every morning and I had to come up with all the wisdom  I could think of to convince her to take her lunch box. Since I cared about her so much, I could not give up. After 100 days of persistence the routine was set and she became used to going to school with a healthy home made lunch box.

That was two years ago. Now she wants to take a lunch box only. Packing her lunch is such a joyful, fun and creative part of our life together and we’ve gotten more close as a result. So what seemed like a small change in diet has had a big and positive result!

100days devotion

Always new beginnings and new challenges

Life seems as if it is made of new challenges. When we are done with one task, another task comes up and it is an even bigger challenge. I guess that is how life makes us grow and mature.

Twenty years after her treatment of Sinusitis, my mother discovered pre-cancerous cells in her breast. She refused surgery again and chose to use the loquat trees leaves to detox, because they were available anywhere on the street in Los Angeles. She put them on her breast and covered herself with wet towel and put the small electric blanket over herself for the night. She said in the morning that the leaves absorbed all the toxins inside and dried out. She did it for 100 days three times. After an exam, the irregular cell was completely gone. She is 80 years old now, and it has not come back thankfully.

That is her way and is not the approach that everyone might take. In the past 15 years she also got health insurance and that did change her approach too. Sometimes she will use a medical route and sometimes her 100 days of devotion. At her age I trust that she knows what is right for her.

As for me the promise I’ve made to myself is to create more and more miracles through 100 days of devotion. Man proposes and Heaven disposes!



About Terri

Terri Kang has been teaching yoga and meditation to kids and teens between 5 and 17 at the Brain Education in Korea for four years. She developed various programs to help students improve their body, mind, and brain power and implemented this program to help them improve their school grades, social relationships, leadership, and English Language skills.

She’s been working at Tao Healing Center as a Tao Teacher since November, 2011. She’s taught Tao yoga, meditation, and delivered Tao Principles to a wide range of people. Her passion is finding a solution for Parkinson’s Disease since her father was diagnosed with Parkinson.  She will be soon teaching brain exercises at the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Centre in Phoenix, AZ.

About Tao Healing

taoLogoThe Tao Healing Center provides training and education for holistic health and personal development through classes, workshops, and personal coaching. All of the teachings at Tao Healing Center are based on the ancient wisdom principles of Tao, which has been benefiting countless people for thousands of years.

At the Tao Healing Center, we educate people about the principles of Tao. We help you to awaken your ability to heal yourself and create healthy and happy relationships and a balanced lifestyle by cultivating your inner power and wisdom.

In order to reach a broader audience and to meet the increasing needs from the public for guidance on balanced living, we are currently expanding its operations to local communities and providing free classes to disabled veterans, seniors, and students.



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