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Sunday chill zone…


First some mindful wisdom on the nature of happiness and how we need to know and feel our way rather than exist on theories and beliefs. Then a bit of mind expanding ideas on the latest quantum theories and what they might say about the world we live in and finally a trip song from Pink Floyd. Happy Sunday!!!

A little bit of wisdom…

Best Friend – Prem Rawat

When I live not on those tracks that are formed by belief, but when I live on the foundation of knowing; not suppositions and formulas and ideas and theories but knowing


A little bit of intellectual stimulation..

Quantum mechanics theory says parallel universes may exist and interact

To the average person, quantum mechanics is the convoluted, science fiction-y branch of physics. A radical new theory plays into that, proposing that parallel universes exist and interact with each other ‒ and that scientists may be able to test for them.

Prof. Howard Wiseman, a physicist at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, along with his collaborators Dr. Michael Hall, also of Griffith University, and University of California, Davis mathematician Dr. Dirk-Andre Deckert, published their new “many interacting worlds” (MIW) theory in the journal Physical Review X. They posited that other universes are real, exist in vast numbers and exert influence on each other.

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A little bit of music..

Song: Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd



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