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Real patient videos – Great learning tool for medical first responders

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If you don’t know about ReelDX and you are working in the medical field or are a medical student then it really is worth your time to take a look.

ReelDX provides real-patient video of live consultations, with vital, signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis and a drop down diagnosis button that hides the diagnosis so that you can take time to assess the symptoms and make your own diagnosis before looking at the result.

Founded by David Spiro and Bill Kelly in 2013, ReelDX comes with good credentials. David first recognized the power of recording video of patient-doctor interactions while on faculty at Yale, while Bill has previously co-founded the companies that became WebMD, and

In a project  sponsored by the Oregon Emergency Medical Services  for Children Program (EMSC), an initiative of the Oregon Health Authority to reduce child and youth mortality and morbidity caused by severe illness or trauma, ReelDx, also launched the first online library of real-patient video case studies designed to train emergency medical first-responders.

The library provides EMS professionals with short videos of real encounters in the field and in emergency rooms, substantial case data and imagery, and peer-authored and reviewed write-ups of each case. Education about best practices for emergency assessment and management is made vivid through real patients, real providers and real medical emergencies.

“This is a powerful learning tool for medical first responders,” says Dr. David Spiro, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of ReelDx. “It’s critical for EMTs and paramedics to keep their skills current and their training fresh. However, their exposure to a broad range of conditions is dependent on the medical emergencies that happen to occur in the communities they serve. Especially in rural communities, this can limit the knowledge that pre-hospital providers have had recent chance to put to use. With ReelDx, they can review real cases from other first responders and get bullet-point takeaways for their own practice.”

Each case includes a video of about 1 minute in length along with patient medical history, dispatch information, and first responder interventions used. Many cases also include rich supplemental materials, such as still pictures of trauma scenes; caregiver interviews; EKG and other test results; and an interactive quiz to test the viewer’s knowledge.

Real patient videos have many applications — accurate and infinitely replayable patient discharge instructions, allowing video recorded by parents of their child’s symptoms to be included in the EHR, enabling EMS personnel to efficiently record the accident scene for the benefit of the ER doctors, and curating libraries of real cases for medical education. These are just some of the many applications for secure medical storage.

 ReelDx is enabling all of these and more by solving the core problems of video in the clinical environment: security and HIPAA compliance, storage and efficient sharing, and reliable and easy playback on any device. ReelDx is a powerful platform for clinical video creation, storage, and sharing.

All cases are produced with full patient consent.

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