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New ENT Device to Place Grommets without Anaesthetic

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AventaMed is a start-up medical device company focused on improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs.  The company is a spin-out from the ‘MEDIC’ research centre within the Cork Institute of Technology and has been founded upon technology developed from 4 years of product development.

AventaMed’s first product is a novel ENT device for the placement of tympanostomy tubes (grommets).  This device will place a grommet in under 1 second and will allow the procedure to be carried out in a doctors office without the need for traditional general anaesthetic.

Grommets are used to treat ear infections and restore hearing. Surgery to place grommets traditionally involves a general anaesthetic and therefore a specialist team. According to Aventa by the age of seven, one in fifteen children will require grommets.

To move this procedure to the doctor’s office is a great step forward for children requiring grommets as the reduction in stress by not having to attend a hospital, receive injections and undergo a general anaesthetic is a great benefit.

Hospitals also benefit as the theatre time is freed up and so can be allocated to other procedures.

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The device invented by Aventa to insert a pre-loaded grommet

Watch the video here for the full story…




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