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Menopause – Take our Poll and tell us what’s affecting you most

by Professor Lynn Basford

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There’s a reason it’s called the “change of life”!

In our other articles on menopause, we gave a humorous insight into the plight of some women (not all) who suffer from the many physical and emotional symptoms related to the various phases of menopause.

While we can all smile and see the funny side, it doesn’t take from the fact that for many women the menopause can be a very  traumatic and life changing experience. Add to that the reality that it lasts several years and during that time can cause physical, psychological and emotional distress.

Modern living makes it even more difficult as with busy lives, work and so on, women are sometimes less connected to family groups and ready access to the wisdom of older ladies who would in the past pass on menopause or “the change” information, tips and any traditional remedies or methods that might help.

For the modern woman, the process, as with all aspects of her reproductive cycle, has been medicalised with terminology that can be rather frightening for the uninitiated.

So, in this series of articles we want to:

  1. Explain the medical terminology and remind that the menopause is a natural biological occurrence,
  2. Provide a basic understanding of the menopausal  process,
  3. Enable you, the reader, to have a full understanding of the whole menopausal transition
  4. Offer a framework that provides a forum for women to openly discuss menopause without embarrassment with each other, and/or their professional health workers.

As the articles are completed we will link them at the bottom of this page.

It’s about you…

We want to start a discussion on menopause and how it is affecting (or not) your lives.

Over the coming weeks, as we are putting this series together, please feel free to join in and share your experiences, either via the comments below or by using the “Expert Patient” box above.

How is menopause for you?

Is your menopause early, late, surgically induced or right on time?

Is it better or worse that you thought it would be?

Do feel able to talk openly about your experience?

Please take our poll so that we can cover the topics of most interest to you

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