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Love, Sex and Relationships: Bored?!

by Christian Pankhurst

bored with your relationship

Are You Bored In Your Relationship?

I often hear from people, both single and from those in relationships, that they know exactly what they would want in their ideal partner; that they’ve visualized and written lists about how that person would act, what they might look like, how that person feels.

Sound familiar? If that process really worked on its own, then why are so many people  still confused as to why their current or future mate  isn’t ‘showing up’ that way?

Clearly, there’s more to the picture for you to truly get what you want, deepen your satisfaction in your current relationship, or attract a new and fulfilling partner into your life.

Watch this hilarious video clip below from the Heart Summit where I share a practice you can immediately apply into your own life  to help you get what you want and keep your relationship spark alive.

Now, I would love to hear from you.

In the comments below, tell me:

  1. What’s the single biggest relationship challenge right now?
  2. What tips do you have for others to make a relationship work?

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Christian PankhurstChristian Pankhurst founder of the Heart IQ Coaching Method, Personal Empowerment with Heart IQ and Winner of Britain’s Next Top Coach. Christian is a sought after speaker and trainer and is recognised as the leader in the industry for heart based work.

He was a protege of Neale Donald Walsh and toured extensively with Walsh, teaching the messages from Walsh’s best selling Conversations with God for many years. Christian’s work now is influenced by all his experience to date. From his early training as a Chiropractor and Martial Arts Teacher to the deep lessons of the Conversations with God Series and subsequent work with inspiring visionary Tej Steiner who introduced Christian to the Heart Circle Model.

In 2011 Christian opened the Heart IQ Academy, a professional coach training university that teaches others how to apply the Heart IQ Method in their own practice. For more on Christian see



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