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#LifeTips: Tip for de-stressing & virtual woodland visit

by Richard Cawte

think green

Think Green!

As the central colour of the chakras, green is associated with the heart and with growth. It is the colour of spring, when fresh leaves unfurl on the stems and branches of billions of trees and plants.

Bringing living plants into your home or workplace is a good starting point to feeling better about life. But you don’t even have to do that if you are looking to de-stress.

Even thinking about a plant helps to bring your heart-rate down – and with it your blood-pressure.

So next time you feel yourself getting stressed, whether it’s at work or at home, take a deep breath (or three) and picture a green leaf, a tree, or a blade of fresh grass, in your mind.

You’ll begin to relax straight away.

And if you need a little reminder, take this virtual visit to the woods…

Relaxing Nature Sounds 3 – 60 minutes of Woodland Ambiance – Trickling Stream Sounds & Birds Sounds



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