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Kindle: Angel Prayers & Messages


Angel Prayers and Messages

by Rosie Ismail & JM Hurley (Kindle)

Order your thoughts, Be clear on your intent, And God will send an Angel to help you
(from Angel Prayers and Messages, Manifestation Prayer)

9780954781118While the whole angel industry and the current interest in cosmic ordering may seem new, angels and belief in the power of prayer are as old as time itself. Angel Prayers and Messages covers modern ideas of manifestation and guidance and was the first book of its kind to compile both modern-day and age-old prayers specifically directed to angels.
The introductory chapters give a very clear and inspirational overview on what it means to pray and the act of praying itself.

Contents include:

How to Pray;

The Role of the Guardian Angel;

Guardian Angel Prayers;

Novenas to the Angels;

Litanies to the Angels;

Chaplets to the Angels;

Archangel Prayers;

Angel Messages

Why should we pray?

Life, as they say, is the dash between dates on a tombstone. Speculating on where we came from or why or where we might go afterwards is not what life is about. Life is the dash in between these certainties and how we experience that dash, how we colour it, how much we fill it with pleasure or pain is down to us.

We cannot choose when we come or when we go, but we can make choices in our lives that affect our attitude to our lives and the direction our lives will take.

The real point and purpose of prayer is to continually bring us back to an awareness of the preciousness of life, to help us make conscious and responsible choices, to help us learn from our mistakes and most of all to help us to find a way of feeling gratitude, contentment and fulfillment in our lives.

According to this book, we are not alone in life. We have teachers and guides available throughout our lives (if we choose to listen to them!) and we have the Angels by our sides, always there for us and ready to help.

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