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Saturday 21 April 2018
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Category: Tao

A good teacher can change a life: The qualification of a mentor

by Terri Kang (Sun Gwang)   I have been asking myself why there have been so many people in teaching occupations in my family....

100days devotion meditaton

#Tao: 100 days of devotion

by Terri Kang (Sun Gwang)  The miracle of 100 days of devotion  In the Korean culture, 100 days symbolizes sincerity. It is the time...

life particle energy

#Tao: What is Life Particle Energy?

by Terri Kang (Sun Gwang)    “Life Particle Energy”  was introduced by my Grand Master Teacher, Il Chi. His experiences were arcane...

#Tao: 5 Great Meditation Tips

by Terri Kang (Sun Gwang)    Meditation has been a very popular topic this last decade. There are few enlightened teachers who meditated...

tao healing body

#Tao: Miracles and my Father

by Terri Kang (Sun Gwang)   My dear father had lived a very stressful life, and carried a lot of stress and resentments. He was...

working with teens

What I learned working with at-risk youth

by Terri Kang (Sun Gwang)  Three things I see as vital In working with at-risk youth, one must address the deep underlying  issues, and...

being beneficial to all

#Tao: Reveal the Secrets of the Brain

        by Terri Kang (Sun Gwang) Reveal the Secrets of the Brain through Hong Ik Living   Hong Ik translates as being beneficial to...

tao and anger

What do you do with your anger?

By Terri Kang (Sun Gwang) Explode it? Accumulate it? Or control it? Complaints and conflicts will always be around. When we encounter a...

chakre vibration

Be A Vibrator!

by Pete Le (Oh Gahk Nim) Everything vibrates! Now I know some of you may be thinking of that other kind of vibrator. Sadly I was not...