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Category: Just Move

stand at work

Get up and stand up for at least 2 hours daily during working hours

First guidance on curbing health risks of too much sitting calls for sit-stand desks and regular walk-abouts Office workers should be on...

set dancing parkinson

Italian neurologist finds Irish Set Dancing helps Parkinson’s patients

Irish Set Dancing can be more beneficial than standard physiotherapy, particularly in dealing with symptoms such as Freezing Gait, Balance...

walking group

Join a walking group: One of the best ways to boost overall health

Walking groups come out trumps for boosting overall health without side effects Benefits include reductions in blood pressure, body fat,...

moderate exercise

#Exercise: Even a little is better than none at all!

Limit sitting and sleeping to 23 and 1/2 hours per day! It’s that easy… Watch this clip to learn more: And if that’s...

yoga for runners

Yoga for runners: Full Sequence, from warm up to cool down

with Esther Ekhart. As it’s marathon and cycling season we thought it would be a good time to run this series of yoga classes for...