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What is BioEnergy Healing and how does it work?

by Justina Hurley 

Reiki healing

When a human being is ill, it is a sign that the immune system in a certain part of the body has refused collaboration. We are the mechanics of the system. – Zdenko Domancic

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to self-correct. For example, when we get a cold or a mild flu our body can fight it off in just a few days.

However, chronic and long-term illness occurs when our ability to self-correct fails. Just as with a car, when a few parts get worn and additional stress is added, such as a long journey or a very bumpy road, a trip to the mechanic becomes necessary. The same happens with our bodies and a good doctor will spot the problem and do whatever he or she can to repair the damage.

We understand that a car needs petrol and that we need the fuel of food and water to keep going but we forget that there is another mysterious vital force necessary to keep the engine running and that is electricity.

Our body is a huge electrical circuit. The main electrical centre is in the heart, but the electricity flows throughout every cell and nerve in the body and the language of electricity is energy. The heart has a huge role to play in our well being and is really the master controller. (For more on the heart see: The power of the heart)

The part of us that takes in and interprets information and which in turn feeds that input back into the body through subtle energetic forces is our mind. How we think and how we feel about ourselves and about life has a very real effect on the physical body because what we think directly influences the flow of energy in the body.

In the past this energy was only seen as spiritual in nature because no one could prove it was there, however the latest quantum physics findings recognize that this subtle energy field exists.

For thousands of years healers have said that this energy must flow well in order for people to be healthy and happy. Science can add to this understanding. Because bodies are made up of subatomic particles in constant motion, it is now more logical in quantum physics terms that many physical ailments would manifest first as a disturbance in this energy field.

The path of illness – how we disturb the field

The view in Energy Healing is that stress and painful emotions, for instance, can cause energy to get stuck or depleted, inhibiting the body’s natural healing processes. As within, so without; mind and body are mirrors of each other and there are many physical maladies that are in fact symptoms of problems with the energy field.

Minor stresses from lifestyle, environment and emotional issues lead to minor disturbances and so often first manifest as emotional symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression or just a sense of feeling like you are in some way on the wrong track. This is the best time to have an energy treatment as these symptoms can be ironed out more easily than more established long running conditions that have had time to become entrenched and established in the body.

The Perfect Storm

More serious illness comes from what I call the perfect storm. For example if you have someone who has experienced multiple stresses such as a bereavement or a shock/trauma coupled with relationship or financial stress then these issues can begin to weaken the immune system. Now combine that with a physical weakness in that person’s body such as a genetic predisposition to a particular illness such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer and add in the fact that as the body gets increasingly stressed we are inclined to be attracted to comfort foods and foods high in sugar.  If on top of all of that the person begins to feel very depleted to the point that there are no happy outlets left and life becomes a bit of a slog with no regular periods of laughter or real joy, then you have a recipe for a perfect storm and more serious disease can manifest.

At this stage, medical intervention will usually be necessary as once something has become physical it’s a case of treat like with like so the physical approach of medicine can be very effective for the physical ailment. However that is treating symptoms and not cause. It is vital to fight the battle on two fronts and also go back to source and address the cause as well.

What has happened in effect is that we have gone “offline” from ourselves and the main function of all healing treatments should be to bring the us back online with our own inner selves and reconnected to our vital life source and joie de vivre.

In my own experience, both for myself and with clients, I see this really as a process of learning to fall in love with life all over again. As children we did this naturally and as adults we can lose that ability to see wonder and magic in the world around us and also the wonder and magic of our own bodies.

Reconnecting with ourselves is a way of living in a heartful way again and has to come from a true feeling of gratitude for life and the world around us. While positive thinking can help, it has to be real and underpinned by a real feeling and resetting the system to reconnect again with that real feeling is the main purpose of any healing therapy.

By harnessing the power of the mind-body-heart connection, healing is something that simply promotes our own natural ability to heal our own selves.

In the form of BioEnergy Therapy that I practise, the therapist’s focus will always be on improving the emotional and spiritual feeling of the client, rather than on a physical outcome. From the therapist’s point of view, any improvement in a physical condition is a very nice side effect of treatment and a sign that the client is learning how to take control of their own health.

What happens in a Healing Session?

BioEnergy healing is gentle and non invasive. Depending on what is being treated, you may either stand for a part of the session or remain seated, with your clothes on and all you have to do is relax. It normally takes four sessions to clear and rebalance the system and then it’s up to you if you want the odd top up session now and again. It’s as simple as that!

My approach is basically a synthesis of many years of training in different areas of healing. The BioEnergy methods I use are the Domancic Method and a more powerful soul purpose/ life purpose alignment bioenergy method based on mystery school teaching.

I also use a specific sound therapy, both with recorded music and with tuning forks. These sound frequencies are very specific healing frequencies.

During a session you may feel different sensations such as tingling, heat, cooling, pressure or pulling sensations and you may experience flashes of colour or light. All of this is normal in a healing and cannot affect you adversely in any way.

The client needs to be relaxed and free of anxious or worrying thoughts so part of the process can include work on correcting thinking patterns or on developing guided visualizations specific to the client if it is felt that a client needs such work done before or along with energy healing treatments.

For clients who are experiencing problems, that come in part from what I see as faulty thinking, I usually incorporate The Work of Byron Katie which I see as an integral tool of the mind part of the mind-body-spirit approach of the healing process. Sometimes stressful thinking settles down after the first or second energy healing session.  At that stage I will check in with the client to see if there are thoughts that are still causing problems and at this stage we might then opt to do a few Work sessions along with energy treatments.  Please look at The Work of Byron Katie to get more information on this.

How many sessions should you have?

Four sessions are recommended because that seems to be the required amount to clear the system. It is normal during sessions two and three to feel changes in mood, slight irritability or even giddiness! This again is normal and a sign that your system is kicking in and helping you to change any lifestyle patterns that are not helpful to you.

Healing sessions are spaced a week apart. When doing purely the Domancic Method the sessions are one a day, four days in a row.

For an overview of BioEnergy healing see this documentary made by Zoran Hochstatter and Stephanie Cote which features the creator of the Domancic method, Zdenko Domancic, along with cutting edge scientists such as Dean Radin and Marilyn Schlitz from the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Scientists who have expressed their opinion are leading experts in the new wave of understanding human consciousness:



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