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21 day meditation with Deepak & Oprah

21 day meditation

As this is free we thought it would be good to mention it.

The Oprah & Deepak 2014 21-Day Meditation Experience is themed: Expanding Your Happiness.

According to them:

It’s easy. It’s free. It’s 3-weeks that will invigorate your life! Register now and invite those you love to be happy with you!

The aim is to introduce people to the idea of doing some kind of daily meditation practice and this 21 day experience is nicely put together. Oprah introduces the theme for about 2 mins and then Deepak Chopra continues with a 15 min guided meditation.

oprahThis programme began on Aug 11th, so unfortunately you might miss the first couple of free meditations, as each meditation is available for 5 days only. However there is plenty time to catch up so if this interests you use the link below to register for this free programme:


Deepak and Oprah also ran a 21 day mediation programmed in 2013 and the link to that series of meditations is in the youtube clip below:

Deepak Chopra’s Top 8 Meditation Tips – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey Network




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