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10 practical ways to create happiness

by Justina Hurley


1.  Stop feeding your mind with negative outcomes. That means be very discerning about watching news or reading newspapers. Either stop or at least be aware that for every bad story going on there are hundreds of good things happening that are never reported.

2. Find a positive angle in everything that you hear and actively look for positive stories. Try the #100happydays challenge to motivate yourself to find one happy thing every day for 100 days – then keep it up for life!!

3. Use vision boards and positive words to dream yourself happy and include beautiful earth images so that a healthy, happy planet is always included in what you imagine.

4.  Connect with animals and nature.

5. Pass on positive stories to others. Don’t pass on bad news, scare stories or engage in pessimistic conversations.

6. If your thoughts are stressing you, depressing you or making you sad then ask for help. There are hundreds of wonderful teachers and methods out there that can help, so have a look around and work with whatever system appeals to you.

7. If you hit a bad patch, stay in the moment. Imagining a stressful future or wallowing in the past is just a way of living in a world that doesn’t exist.

8. Find a meditation practice that works for you. Learning to be with yourself in silence opens you to the much bigger you that lives within you…

9. Don’t listen to people who say that it’s so hard to become enlightened and all that sort of separatist thinking. That’s just another negative thought-form disguised as a philosophy. A happy human being at peace with themselves and the world around them, doing their very best to consciously create a happier, healthier world is an enlightened human being. That’s all. It’s no big mystery and if you’re not feeling like that right in this moment you’re only a thought away from it!

10. Smile! Even if you don’t feel like it just smile. It’s now known that making the facial muscles form a smile releases happy endorphins.

The key to all of this is to be conscious. To live consciously and to remember that our time here is meant to be a joyful and fun experience.

Remember that the news reports just give one side of the story. There have never been so many great teachers on the planet, so many people waking up and choosing to live consciously and so many ways in which to learn and experience conscious living.

And what does it even mean to be conscious? In essence it’s a way of simply living from the heart.

Wishing you a happy day 🙂



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